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The Centre for MND Research commissioned Narrate Media to write its biennial reports in 2019 and 2021. We interviewed scientists, photographed the team and designed this comprehensive 48-page document on the race to find a cure.

You're in safe hands

People often call us because they don't have time to tackle a substantial project. Sometimes, work gets put off or isn't finished on time. Our clients also value the perspective of an outsider who can look at the bigger picture.

We work with consultants, researchers, marketers and executives. Typically, our clients are large organisations, such as companies, universities and professional associations. Their content and marketing teams need to focus on day-to-day routines, so it makes sense to outsource larger, more time-consuming projects. 

We've dealt with a range of projects and guided them to completion working to make sure everyone's happy. Clients trust us to interview their CEO or talk to their customers or suppliers and know that they're in safe hands.

Writing and editing

Much of our work involves writing and editing content for a website, eBook, a series of ghost-written articles, case studies, blog posts, magazines or brochures. We interview subject matter experts, write and edit copy, incorporate their feedback and proofread to print or web-ready quality.


We'll work to your brand guidelines or create the look and feel of the content you want. We can help create or choose suitable images and relevant graphics.

Project management

We’ll work alongside your team or manage a content project ourselves from start to finish, liaising directly with the people who matter and delivering the content you expect on time ready to publish.

Photography and video

We script, direct and produce videos, as well as create stills photography. We’re happy to share our perspective on how to boost your project's production value, save time and costs. We work with an award-winning photographer and filmmaker with a substantial inventory of broadcast-quality cameras, including drones.


We help map out a project's scope and provide an estimate of time and cost. Once we receive the go-ahead, we work through a process that typically includes:

Original content

There's a role for gathering and curating existing information, and sometimes it can be tricky to interview people directly.

The world is full of regurgitated listicles and vacuous blogs. As former journalists, we're fans of creating original content which is evidence-based, accurate, insightful, engaging and empowering.

We like to talk to people directly if we can, to tease out their stories, and provide fresh insights that people want to read. So please don't ask us to write clickbait.