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Examples of our work 

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An introduction to data analytics for finance and accounting professionals with rich case studies

Writing | Editing | Design

Regular stories based on interviews with academics explaining their latest research and insights. 


A 58-page ebook for accountants on sustainability and small and medium-sized businesses.

Research | Writing | Editing | Design

Biennial report with profiles of researchers, clinicians and patients battling this deadly disease.

Writing | Editing | Design | Photography

We analysed survey data to report on Chartered Accountants volunteering for not-for-profits

Data analysis | Writing | Editing | Design

A comprehensive guide to enhancing cybersecurity for small and medium enterprises

  Research |Writing | Editing | Design 

A 12-page brochure explaining how students benefit from studying at Western Sydney University.

Writing | Editing | Design

A comprehensive overview of Macquarie University's health research and training activities and facilities.

Writing | Editing | Design

A 28-page document explaining Western Sydney University's ambitious campus expansion program.

Writing | Editing

CA ANZ's first report on a strategic initiative to explain how the future of accounting is changing.

Writing | Editing | Design 

Chartered Accountants ANZ

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, accountants and their clients needed a primer on business continuity.

Writing | Editing | Design 

Australian Volunteers International

Communicating volunteers' work on projects around the world to attract new partners and volunteers.

Writing | Editing | Design 

A series of 15 short videos for a short course on using TRIZ, the problem-solving method, for innovation.

Video production | Editing

Sydney School of Entrepreneurship

Annual reports highlighting the early achievements of this venture between NSW universities and TAFE.

Writing | Editing | Design | Photography

The Australian Museum's bi-annual magazine Explore covering their research and exhibitions.

Editing | Commissioning | Writing

'Even in the midst of a digital revolution, of data analysis, image processing and artificial intelligence, the primacy of the written word is unchallenged.  In fact, it may have gained importance.'       

 — Jason Fried, founder and CEO of Basecamp, in the New York Times